Wood Crafter File

  • Wood Crafter File
  • Wood Crafter File
  • Wood Crafter File
Wood Crafter File
  • Bi-sword
  • China
  • 60 days
  • 100,000

Wood Crafter File is a composite file, which can be used for polishing and repairing wood products and metal products at the same time, and has strong applicability.

Wood Crafter File 

Wood Crafter File  is a cutting and grinding hand tool for wood products. It is made of medium carbon steel 45# and alloy steel 50CrV\60CrV. It is suitable for processing and grinding all kinds of wood and wood products.

Product Features

1. Wood processing hand tools

2. Medium carbon steel 45#, alloy steel 50CrV\60CrV

3. HRC40-50、HRC10


Wood Crafter File

Product Detail

Wood RaspWood Rasp File

Usage and Maintenance

The operator needs to wear goggles and safety gloves when using the file. The file cannot be used to process super-hard materials. After the file is used, it is necessary to remove the wood chip on the surface and store it in a dry tool bag safely.

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